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Transformed by Encouragement

Updated: Jan 30

Quinn found herself facing an unexpected twist in her life's plan when a positive pregnancy test disrupted her carefully laid-out path. Both Quinn and the father were wholly devoted to their careers, with Quinn also diligently pursuing her Master's degree. Thus, the news of her pregnancy brought a mixture of emotions. Quinn was hoping for reassurance from the father, a man she believed had real feelings for her, but unfortunately, what she received was far from comforting. The father adamantly urged Quinn to consider abortion as the only viable option.

As a devout believer faithfully attending her Catholic Church, Quinn held steadfast convictions against abortion. However, this external pressure and fear caused her to contemplate this choice. The idea of being a single mother seemed daunting, and she worried about the practicalities of raising a child without any support from the father, who wanted no involvement. Moreover, Quinn dreaded sharing the news with her family, anticipating their disappointment.

A turning point arrived when Quinn went to the North Side Center, accompanied by the father, but was brought back alone for an initial assessment with the site director. During this assessment, Quinn had a chance to express her concerns and ask questions about parenting and adoption. For the first time, Quinn processed the options she felt she could live with. Two weeks after this pivotal appointment, Quinn shared an update about how the news went over with her family. As Quinn had feared, her family was shocked and disappointed. However, amidst their initial concern, they assured Quinn of their love and expressed their commitment to supporting her and her decision to keep the baby.

Quinn realized from the support she received at Women's Choice Network that she is proud of herself for taking the time to carefully consider her options, asking pertinent questions, and ultimately making a decision that aligned with her beliefs. Quinn decided to enroll in our Life Support program, providing her with valuable knowledge to ensure her success and that of her baby.

In a delightful revelation, Quinn recently learned she is expecting a baby girl. A baby shower has been planned for July, and she invited the staff of Women's Choice Network to attend. Quinn made it abundantly clear the support and encouragement she received throughout her journey played an instrumental role in her decision to choose life, which is why she decided to share her story as a way to inspire others. She and others shared their testimonies at the House Committee Hearings on Capitol Hill in Harrisburg. As Quinn and her baby girl continue on their path, please join us in prayer for their health, a safe and uncomplicated delivery, and strength for Quinn as she embraces her new role as a mother.

Young girl holding up a baby onesie
Quinn beams with joy as she proudly shows off a darling onesie that exclaims, 'Isn't She Lovely,” after discovering she is expecting a little girl

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