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Transformed by Impact

As Christians, we've often been told to sow seeds, drawing parallels with the way everything in our surrounding originates from a tiny beginning. Our faith encourages us to scatter these symbolic seeds, entrusting God with the tasks of nurturing, watering, fostering growth, and ultimately causing the multiplication of the seeds we've sown. While we might not always witness the outcomes firsthand, our conviction lies in the faith that our obedience will yield a lasting and eternal impact.

Elaine arrived at the Monroeville center, accompanied by her closest friend, Phoebe. Elaine found herself in a whirlwind of life changes, leaving her anxious and uncertain about how to move forward. When she revealed her pregnancy to her partner, he quickly expressed his desire for an abortion, this request triggered past traumas for Elaine. At the age of 14, she faced a similar situation, confiding in her parents only to be coerced by her mother into terminating her pregnancy. Elaine felt she hadn't been adequately informed about her options and that the procedure had been conducted without her consent. Elaine was determined to not let history repeat itself. She believed she was now mature enough to have a say in matters concerning her own body. Throughout the appointment, her friend Phoebe remained a steadfast source of encouragement, emphasizing Elaine's capability to embrace motherhood and raise her baby. As the appointment ended, Elaine reached a conclusion: she would carry and parent her child.

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Why this story is different from our typical appointment is the profound connection between Elaine and Phoebe. As Phoebe accompanied Elaine to her appointment and witnessed firsthand the compassionate care she received, she came to view Women's Choice Network as a sanctuary for those navigating difficult circumstances. This experience stayed with her, influencing her decision to return to the center to become a client herself when she faced her own challenges. During Phoebe’s appointment, she shared she was actively pursuing pregnancy but had encountered a series of setbacks, enduring the emotional toll of six chemical pregnancies, a very early miscarriage that happens within the first five weeks of pregnancy. She candidly expressed her struggle with the feelings of loss associated with these occurrences. Seeking confirmation of a potential pregnancy, Phoebe turned to our center, where a scan indicated the possibility of her prayers being answered. Amidst this appointment, Phoebe also shared an update about Elaine, she is expecting a baby boy!

We often remain unaware of the individuals within our sphere of influence whom God has called us to impact with our unique skill set. This is precisely why our dedicated staff consistently plants seeds of hope and encouragement. They do so with the understanding that while they may not know which seeds will take root, sprout, and flourish, God does. Every one of us has been entrusted with seeds from God, and it is our responsibility to distribute them generously. This is why we wholeheartedly encourage you to register for this year's fall fundraising banquet. Through this event, you can explore how to harness the gifts God has entrusted to you in order to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. By choosing to support the Network of Life, you play a vital role in sustaining our ministry's mission; empowering those vulnerable to abortion to choose life.

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