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Transformed by Siblingship

As believers, we have faith that our God can use anything to provide healing, transform hearts, and open eyes to the truth. One just needs to be open to hearing His voice and allowing His presence to shine through, expelling the lies of the enemy. This story highlights how God can use anything for His glory, even the simple yet profound bond and love between siblings.

Hillary came to our center alone, overwhelmed by the news that she was pregnant. She explained why she believed that aborting the pregnancy was the best option. Already struggling financially with a one-year-old at home, she and her boyfriend were co-parenting, but he was adamant that she should have an abortion.

As she detailed her reasons for feeling compelled to go through with the abortion, Hillary broke down in tears. She admitted that she did not believe in abortions and did not want one but felt trapped by her circumstances. The obstacles seemed insurmountable. Our staff gently reminded Hillary that she was capable and equipped to carry the pregnancy if that was what she wanted. During this conversation, a pivotal thought occurred to Hillary. She reflected on how grateful and blessed she was to have her brothers in her life, remembering the many times they had comforted each other and shared in each other’s joys and triumphs. She realized it would be incredibly selfish to take away her son’s chance to be a big brother. This love and affection for her siblings confirmed her decision to choose life.

In the weeks that followed, Hillary’s confidence in her decision grew stronger. She received a job offer at her son’s pediatrician’s office, alleviating her financial concerns significantly. Best of all, she discovered she was having a little girl! Hillary’s testimony illustrates the beauty and complexity of God’s design and purpose for our lives. We praise Him for using the power of siblingship to transform Hillary’s mindset, filling her with confidence and joy about choosing life for her daughter.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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