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Transformed by Motherhood

One of the most profound transformations one can experience is the journey of motherhood. It encompasses not just the physical transformations that occur throughout each trimester but emotional changes as well. Motherhood is a palpable and enduring change, which can sometimes seem daunting to embrace. Feelings of apprehension may creep in, questions like "Am I ready for this?", "Will I be a capable mother?" or even "Is this real?" might surface. Nevertheless, there is reassurance in the wisdom of Isiah 66:13, who reminds us that just as mothers provide solace to their children, so too does God.

Bailey, accompanied by her boyfriend, Ryan, arrived at our center and received an unexpected revelation—they were expecting a child. The positive pregnancy test brought about an additional surprise when Ryan knelt down and proposed to Bailey that first appointment! In the weeks that followed, the couple was determined to tie the knot before the baby's arrival. Bailey and Ryan received the support of our dedicated WCN staff and adorned the Northside center with decorations generously provided by The Nest. When the day finally arrived, executive director Amy Scheuring pinned the groom's boutonniere, she could sense the gravity of the moment in Ryan's demeanor—a combination of nervousness and excitement. During the ceremony, a hush fell over the room as friends and family listened to traditional wedding vows, many hearing them for the first time. It was a solemn and sacred moment. Subsequently, joy overflowed into the reception area, and then spilled onto East Ohio Street as the intimate wedding party danced and celebrated along the sidewalk.

IIn the weeks that followed, Bailey opened up to Lynne, the manager at The Nest. She candidly expressed her lack of confidence in her impending role as a mother. Bailey had never envisioned herself as a parent, feeling as though she didn't have the innate "motherly" qualities. She honestly admitted to feeling overwhelmed and disheartened during her pregnancy, eagerly anticipating its end. In response, Lynne offered words of encouragement, assuring Bailey that God would provide her with the necessary tools to become the loving mother her child deserved. She gently suggested that the journey of motherhood might reveal that nurturing instincts come more naturally than Bailey had initially believed.

During the summer, Bailey revisited The Nest, introducing her newborn to Lynne, and the transformation in Bailey was unmistakable. She exhibited a remarkable level of attentiveness and an innate understanding of her baby's needs. As she confided in Lynne about the overwhelming love she felt when she cradled her child for the first time, all her doubts dissolved, replaced by an indescribable sense of tranquility. Bailey was certain she would do anything to protect, nurture, love and care for this precious gift she’d been given.

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