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Our Team

Our ministry is made possible by the dedicated individuals who generously contribute their time, efforts, and gifts to our mission. As a team, we’ve been able to expand our reach and work to make Pittsburgh a sanctuary city where life is welcomed and supported.

The World Has Changed,

from our Executive Director


Executive Director 

Amy Scheuring 

Precious Friends,

After serving with this ministry for nearly 40 years, I can honestly say it never gets old. At every encounter our clients share intimate and deeply personal facets of their lives. In our offices there is freedom to express and confess brokenness, fear, dysfunction, confusion, and sexual sin. We are often the first to know our clients’ secrets, the first to see their unborn child, and sadly at times, the only ones who will mourn when that child is aborted. And, as each client shares their story, we have an amazing opportunity to bring the love of Christ and the message of hope to their unique and personal experiences.

Our pregnancy centers opened soon after the disastrous Roe v Wade decision when abortion was mandated in every state at any time and for any reason. In 1992, Pennsylvania championed the Abortion Control Act which boldly challenged the ruling and opened the door for States to add common sense protections for women and the unborn. Our state was also the first to direct funding toward abortion alternatives. The modest program allowed small pregnancy centers to form in nearly every county in the state and has been replicated in states across the US. But the world has changed. Our “keystone” state has recently defunded the centers offering alternatives and is threatening to rescind the hard-fought protections for women and babies. Our work has been publicly maligned, misrepresented, and vilified in the media. Legislation is already being written that will restrict our work and limit our ability to offer medical services like abortion pill reversal. And here at home, our city has been named a sanctuary city for abortion.

We are literally at a point where we are advocating for our very existence.

It is time to take up the fight with compassion and clarity. I hope our ministry will inspire you to stand with those most vulnerable. Young moms and dads, and the tiny babies they carry, need your voice and your engagement now more than ever. Because of you, we’ve been able to expand our reach and work to become a sanctuary city where life is welcomed and supported. Thank you for your partnership in this holy work!

2024 Board of Directors

Scott Moore, President

Shannon Arnold

Jim Merante

Dr. Eileen Glisan

Mr. Brian Dolan

Mrs. Regina Donahue

Mrs. Maggie Richardson

Ms. Sherese Jefferson

Ms. Katie Montagazzi

Medical Directors:

Dr. Harris | Dr. McMahon | Dr. Patterson

Our medical directors are board-certified physicians serving as directors over our medical programs. This vital team assures that our medical staff upholds the highest standards of professionalism and care. They also provide orders for all tests and treatments and read every ultrasound scan.

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