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Baby Bottle Campaigns

These gifts save babies and transform lives!
Every day, thousands of tiny babies are threatened by abortion. Their young mothers face overwhelming circumstances along with enormous pressures and fears. They need someone to open their eyes to life’s possibilities. And because we offer ultrasounds right in our offices, we can help young parents see life as God sees it. Over 80% of our clients who see an ultrasound image choose to continue their pregnancy. All of our new moms and dads receive ongoing education and practical support.

What is a Baby Bottle Campaign?

Over 65 local churches, organizations, and schools are looking forward to the Baby Bottle Campaign. Why join this unique fundraiser? Because a baby bottle campaign is…


When churches hold campaigns they demonstrate their willingness to support women facing unexpected pregnancies and help their members become familiar with the services that we offer. When individuals take a bottle home, it's a daily reminder of our mission and our dedication to caring for "the least of these." Network of Life strives to provide hope, encouragement, and empower young individuals to make life-affirming choices and embrace purity in their relationships.


Baby Bottles play a crucial role in fostering a culture of life within your home and place of worship. Families take a bottle home and begin filling it with loose change, cash, or a check. Online contributions are also welcome. Complete the bottle insert to receive information about our ministry and upcoming events and a tax receipt for checks or online gifts.


The Baby Bottle Campaign allows everyone to engage in a modest yet impactful manner. From the youngest preschooler to the oldest grandparent, each family member can make a meaningful contribution to the bottle that plays a role in saving and protecting the unborn.

How a Baby Bottle Campaign Works


Choose a coordinator to lead the campaign and select a start date. Campaigns typically run 3 - 4 weeks.


With our help, determine the number of bottles needed based on weekly attendance. Bottles will be delivered to your church or home.


Two weeks before the start of the campaign, promote the campaign through pulpit announcements, weekly bulletins, newsletters, and emails.


Place the bottles, create signs and place them in a visible and convenient location in your building. Then enlist a small volunteer team to assist in passing out bottles.


Each week, remind members of the campaign and the collection dates and that checks are also accepted inside of the bottles.


At the end of your campaign we will pick up all of the bottles, count the donations, and inform you of the total donation amount.

Your Spare Change 

can save lives!

Download a Baby Bottle Campaign brochure!

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