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Transformed by Purpose

We are truly fortunate to be in the service of a God who possesses knowledge of every single strand of hair upon our heads, having fashioned us deliberately and with a distinct purpose in His heart. The Creator of the universe acknowledges each one of us by name. As it is written in Jeremiah 29: 11 , For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

Danielle, a former client, sought our assistance once again after learning of her unexpected fifth pregnancy. Neither she nor her husband had planned to expand their family, and Danielle had taken precautions by having an IUD in place. Seeking guidance, she initially consulted her OBGYN, who confirmed a viable pregnancy despite the IUD. Her doctor removed the IUD and initiated prenatal care. However, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and these unforeseen circumstances, Danielle found herself grappling with overwhelming emotions and contemplating the option of abortion. It was then that she remembered her positive experience with WCN and decided to return, as she was struggling to choose life for this pregnancy.

Baby girl sleeping peacefully
Baby Destiny sleeping peacefully in her mothers arms

Upon her arrival at WCN, Danielle was accompanied by her two eldest children. She candidly shared her inner turmoil and emotions. As the ultrasound appointment approached, her two older children observed their mother's profound connection with her unborn child, witnessing her courageous decision to embrace life, regardless of her emotional struggles and circumstances. Their joy was palpable as they glimpsed their youngest sibling on the ultrasound screen. Danielle carried her pregnancy to full term and welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. She named her Destiny Joy because she knew that this child was meant to be here and had a purpose. 

Danielle remained closely connected with WCN by actively participating in our recent Christmas Party and other events. During the festivities, Danielle was touched by the generosity of receiving gifts for all her children and was among the fortunate winners in the "free diapers for a year" raffle, securing much-needed support for her growing family. Today, Danielle continues to thrive in her happy marriage, cherishing her five wonderful children. When she comes to pick up diapers, she often brings her two eldest children with her. Danielle has always been remarkably open and forthright about her personal journey, including the challenges she faced. She didn't shy away from sharing her story with her children, and as a result, they had the unique opportunity to witness their mother's unwavering commitment to choosing life.

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