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Transformed by Grace

Regret can be a heavy burden to bear. This potent emotion often comes hand in hand with feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear. For those of us who hold a belief in the inherent purpose and significance of every human life, the act of abortion can leave behind a profound emotional scar, where these negative emotions can linger, hindering the ability to embrace moments of joy.

Freshly graduated, Ashley found herself immersed in a lifestyle of instant gratification, using the earnings from her job to revel in nightly parties. In those moments, she felt carefree, as if the world held no responsibilities for her. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she took a pregnancy test that would alter her path forever. Astonished by the result, as she hadn't genuinely considered the possibility of pregnancy, Ashley was left in a state of uncertainty, wondering about her next steps. Her initial reaction was one of fear and self-doubt: "I'm scared. I'm still practically a child myself, and now I'm expected to raise one?" Shortly thereafter, she made the difficult choice to confide in the father. His resolute stance in favor of abortion, coupled with her own uncertainty, ultimately led Ashley to agree to terminate the pregnancy.

Mother and daughter
Ashley and Tai Tai smile for the camera at their Christmas photo shoot located at The Nest

During her appointment, Ashley learned that she was 7 weeks and 5 days into her pregnancy, and they explained that the prescribed set of pills would inhibit the necessary hormones for the fetus's growth. She took the initial pill at the clinic, and they provided her with the remaining dose to take at home. It was during this interlude that doubt began to consume her. Thoughts like, “I have made a huge mistake”, “I just killed my baby”, and “I can’t take this back, please God can I take this back.” Ashley started to envision the consequences of her decision – a choice to terminate a life that she truly did not want to make. In her desperation, she turned to online searches for ways to reverse the abortion process, only to find that the results consistently told her it was irreversible. Undeterred, she contacted the doctor who had given her the pill, but was met with the same grim news. However, Ashley's relentless search led her to the abortion pill hotline, where a respondent informed her that there was still hope to save her pregnancy. They prescribed Ashley high doses of progesterone to reverse the effect of the abortion pill and save the pregnancy.

After Ashley's visit to our Northside center, our skilled ultrasound technician confirmed the reassuring news that everything was proceeding as it should, and her baby was thriving in good health. Ashley expressed her deep appreciation for our dedicated staff, who stand ready, willing, and capable of aiding women like her – women who had initially made choices they later regretted and sought a way to reverse their abortion decisions. Subsequently, Ashley gave birth to a vibrant and lovely baby girl named Thailyn, affectionately known as Tai Tai. Ashley's journey serves as a powerful testament to the grace of God and His forgiveness. It reminds us that He doesn't desire us to bear the burdens of regret, shame, and fear, but instead encourages us to entrust all our concerns to Him, with the promise that He will provide and guide us through our trials.

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