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Transformed by Determination

Mila's journey began when she found herself facing an unexpected and overwhelming situation. At 18 years old, she discovered she was pregnant without any support from the baby's father, who had no interest in being a parent to their child. With strained finances and a complicated family situation, Mila felt trapped and saw no way to make it work. Abortion seemed like the only option to her, as she struggled with the weight of her circumstances.

But then, Mila's path crossed with our Monreville center, a beacon of hope in her time of need. She bravely shared her story with our compassionate staff, revealing that she was not only responsible for herself but also the sole caretaker of her younger sister. Tragically, their mother had taken her own life when they were young, and their father had been absent from their lives. Mila's concerns deepened as she feared the baby would face rejection from her own family due to the father being black and the baby being bi-racial.

In that moment, our dedicated staff listened attentively, acknowledging Mila's fears and struggles, and encouraged her to join Life Support: Pregnancy Track. They demonstrated to her that she was not alone, that she had the strength within her, and access to resources to help navigate this challenging journey. They encouraged her to believe in herself and her capacity to be a loving and capable mother.

New mom holding her daughter
New mom, Mila, proudly holds her precious baby girl, Oaklynn

As Mila engaged in the program, she discovered a glimmer of light in her life. It came in the form of one of her father's ex-girlfriends, a woman of faith who embraced Mila and urged her to keep the baby. This woman's unwavering support and encouragement ignited a spark within Mila. With newfound determination, Mila transformed her mindset from "I can't do this" to "I can." Supported by her circle of caring individuals, she embarked on her journey with resilience and hope. The day finally arrived when Mila gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Oaklynn. Mila's journey is ongoing, and she continues to receive blessings and support from those around her. We ask for your prayers, as we believe that blessings will continue to pour over Mila and her baby's life. Their story serves as a testament to the power of compassion, faith, and the unwavering support that a community can provide.

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