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October 2022 Letter – “Giselle”‘s Story

Our Life Support programs are designed to foster long term relationships. Rather than a one-time transaction, we offer services that are transformational.  We go beyond the immediate need for a test or a sonogram and provide opportunities for healing, growth, and conversations that introduce clients to Christ. 

Giselle came to us recently for STD testing. She returned the following week to get her test results and to begin our Life Support follow up program. She met with Mary, one of our Oakland Staff members, who recommended a video curriculum called Unraveled Roots. This short series asks life’s biggest questions: Who am I? Who is God? Why am I here? The first session starts with the story of the prodigal son from Luke 15:11-32. 

After reading the story, Giselle began to open up about her past and her “roots.” She revealed that she had become estranged from her family and had allowed her violent temper to isolate her from others. When reading about the prodigal, she noticed that this young man had ended up in a lifestyle he never would have imagined and in spite of it all, his father was so willing to welcome him home.  She saw herself in that story and felt that God was calling her to Himself and knocking on the door of her heart. “He is pursuing me. There are too many signs lining up to ignore.” Mary shared what the Bible says about salvation and how to begin a relationship with God the Father. Then they prayed together. When Mary handed Giselle a Bible, Giselle was nearly in tears. “You mean I can keep this?” Giselle said, “I haven’t seen a Bible in so long.” 

Young men and women are yearning for meaning and purpose. They, like the prodigal son, have wandered far from home. But God is pursuing them and longs to welcome them home. Thank you for being part of an organization that transforms lives. Together, we can address the unraveled roots and introduce our good good Father! 

With great thanks,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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