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April 2023 — “Billie”‘s Story

These are interesting times. Anyone paying attention to local or national news is likely to feel pessimistic, anxious, or even fearful. Financial insecurity, crime, and moral collapse are now routine and hit close to home. Add in an unexpected pregnancy and the future looks even more uncertain. For the past few months, our center staff have seen the impact of the immense cultural shifts firsthand. Our clients face needs that reflect the times. They are lost and without traditional guideposts and guide rails. Needs for emotional support, housing, financial help, insurance, and even immigration status are ways that we can serve clients every day. 

Billie Jean visited us with a plan to abort her child. Newly immigrated from Central America, Billie found herself pregnant and homeless while working toward legal status as a US citizen. She learned that our services were free and visited for an ultrasound. Billie was so sweet and easy to love. When she saw the ultrasound, her tender heart was touched. She asked if she could call her mother, nearly 3,000 miles away. Even though their conversation was in Spanish, it was easy to interpret. Together, mother and daughter cried tears of joy and forgiveness. The baby had brought them together with a new purpose and a new joy in the midst of Billie’s difficult journey. 

Our Life Support program equips moms like Billie Jean. She began to work through our program while “couch surfing” with friends. Soon, we placed her at Mary’s Place, a maternity home where she will give birth and prepare for the future. As part of our program, Billie earned a stroller, clothing, and other needs for the new baby. We’ve connected her with experts to ease the pathway toward citizenship. Best of all, our staff has taken her to church where Billie has made connections and friendships. Thanks to you, this precious young woman is finding freedom, peace, and the love of Christ. 

It is an enormous privilege to serve young people like Billie Jean. If you met her today, I know she would hug you tight and thank you for all you do! We thank you too. 

For Life,

Amy Scheuring

Executive Director

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