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November 2019 Letter: Rayna’s Story

“I need an abortion.” On a daily basis, our WCN staff hears this short request from clients via text, email and phone. This particular email came from an 18 year old student living in the North Side. Our team members have learned to patiently listen to what the client wants and then present the services that they really need.  “Have you had a sonogram?” was the staff member’s response, “Let’s make an appointment with the nurse.” 

At her visit, “Rayna” revealed that she had already visited an abortion facility but was still not sure what to do. We found that she was open to talk about her options. We watched as she started processing the information during the part of the appointment where we present various pregnancy options and alternatives to abortion. She became even more responsive during the medical intake procedure with our Nurses. During the ultrasound, Rayna’s eyes were fixed on the screen and she was sweetly surprised to see how wonderfully formed her baby was. 

At the close of her appointment, she was still undecided about the future of the baby. Immediately, we recognized the need for the baby’s father to get involved. Though Rayna many not have even been aware of it, the father of the baby was the most influential person in her pregnancy decision. The nurses made a follow up appointment for Rayna to return with her boyfriend the following week. The reaction in the room was mixed at first but both the expectant parents left giggling over the picture of their little one on the ultrasound print out. Rayna’s initial “need” for an abortion vanished when the father of the baby was part of the picture. She contacted us later saying they were definitely keeping the baby, planning their future together and were very happy with the decision. As they begin our Life Support programs, we are praying for ways to continue to make an impact in their lives. 

On average, we see one decision for life every single day in our Centers. While our culture continues to call this a “woman’s issue,” we are more intentional than ever about getting men into the game. When his voice is heard, we know the number of saved lives will continue to increase. 

Thank you so much for your faithful giving that changes the story for hundreds of young parents each year!

You make the difference!

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

PS Save the date! #GivingTuesday is December 3, 2019. Join this nationwide effort and make even more of an impact for life!

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