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Transformed by Support

LaShay, a mother of three, found out she was expecting her fourth child and initially had doubts about her capability to care for another baby. On top of her existing concerns, the father of the baby urged her to have an abortion. Feeling convinced that it was her only option, she took the first abortion pill. 

However, shortly afterward, she began to regret her decision. Through her research, she learned that it might be possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill if acted upon promptly. She reached out to Women's Choice Network, and we were able to step in and preserve her pregnancy.

At Women's Choice Network, our dedicated staff played a crucial role in helping LaShay regain her confidence as a mother. We empowered her by connecting her with valuable resources that would support her baby and her family. Finally, on Mother's Day, LaShay gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder of how transformative support can be in changing lives!

Three women in a children's clothing store
LaShay basks in the embrace of love and support from Lynne Workman, Manager of The Nest, and Dena Hitchan, Director of the Northside Center

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