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Transformed by Provision

At times it is easy to let our circumstances grow bigger than our God. When we divert our gaze from the Father and depend solely on our own capabilities, the challenges that confront us can appear insurmountable. Yet, in Isaiah 41:10, we're reminded not to succumb to fear or despondency, as the verse reassures: "I am your God. I will fortify you, lend a hand in your struggles, and support you with my unwavering righteous presence."

Woman holding her son
Sharon is all smiles holding her joyous, four month old son

Sharon called to see if there was a walk-in appointment available at the Monroeville center. Regrettably, our receptionist had to convey that no immediate appointments were available. Little did she realize, Sharon was actually waiting right outside. Unwilling to leave her waiting, our team swiftly reorganized their schedules, making it possible to accommodate Sharon's visit. During the meeting, Sharon disclosed her situation: She currently had a four-month-old son and discovered she was already pregnant with her second. This revelation left her stunned, unable to fathom the idea of being pregnant again so soon. Despite not desiring an abortion, Sharon felt like she was at a loss, believing she lacked the support needed for this second pregnancy. The father of the child decided to leave upon learning the news. Jobless, without a car, and residing in her mother's basement, Sharon felt an overwhelming burden on her shoulders. She confessed to struggling with the idea of bearing the weight alone, though she sensed God’s presence in the midst of her struggle.

In the weeks to follow, Sharon continued visiting the center, finding both companionship and much-needed support. Essential items like diapers and formula were provided, but beyond that, the staff continued to intercede through prayer, seeking God’s intervention and blessings for her expanding family. With each visit, Sharon's confidence grew, strengthened by the consistent reassurance and assistance she received. Miraculously, the father underwent a change of heart and returned to actively support Sharon in raising their son and navigating her current pregnancy. Additionally, Sharon revealed that her mother had chosen to give her the house they had been residing in—an immensely valuable and unexpected blessing that profoundly impacted her life.

Sharon's journey serves as a critical reminder of the boundless blessings and unwavering provision of our God. No challenge is insurmountable in His presence, for He promises to supply the needs of His beloved children, whether in the form of guidance, truth, grace, solace, or serenity. God is orchestrating circumstances for our ultimate good and lasting transformation even in the midst of life's greatest obstacles. Let us keep Sharon, her family, and the forthcoming addition in our prayers, beseeching the Lord to persist in His benevolence and guidance for their lives. May a new job opportunity manifest as part of His divine plan.

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