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Transformed by Hope

Shawnakay, a young woman hailing fromJamaica, found herself facing a difficult

decision when she discovered she was 20 weeks pregnant, much further along

than she had initially believed. Shawnakay was considering abortion due to the circumstances she was facing. The baby's father in Jamaica wanted no involvement, which only

added to her uncertainty. However, everything changed when she saw the ultrasound and heard her baby's heartbeat. Overwhelmed with emotions, she called her mom, who encouraged her to keep the baby. With newfound determination, Shawnakay made the brave decision to continue her pregnancy.

Throughout this journey, Shawnakay faced numerous fears after making the decision to keep her baby. Questions like who she could trust in this new country, her lack of visa and job, no permanent place to live, all weighed heavily on her mind. Thankfully, Stephanie, the Director of the Monroeville Center, walked alongside Shawnakay every step of the way. Shawnakay became Stephanie's most faithful Life Support client, attending weekly sessions for guidance and companionship. With the help of Women’s Choice Network Shawnakay was connected to Mary's Place, which offered living accommodations for up to a year after the baby's birth. Just two days before giving birth, Shawnakay moved into her maternity housing. During this crucial time, Stephanie's unwavering support continued, and she even joined Shawnakay for the joyous occasion of the baby's birth and, with Shawnakay's encouragement, cut the cord!

When the baby, named Azaria (meaning "Helped by God"), entered the world, Shawnakay’s heart overflowed with love and joy. Her journey also included a spiritual transformation. Through the support she received during the Life Support program, she accepted Christ and expressed a desire to have her baby dedicated. Now attending church, Shawnakay is actively building her own community and creating a bright future for herself and her beloved baby Azaria.

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