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Transformed by Gratitude

Frequently, we find ourselves getting accustomed to the everyday blessings we enjoy in our country. If we're not careful, we may become oblivious to the provisions bestowed upon us by God. A simple realization that not everyone enjoys our current circumstances can be enough to reset our perspective.

Adam and his fiancée visited the Monroeville center seeking information about the programs available to support new parents. They were expecting their first child in the middle of August. Both devout believers and are actively  looking for a church community, they were eager to embrace this new chapter of their lives. At the end of their initial appointment, they enthusiastically enrolled in the Life Support program. In addition, Adam became a part of the Doctor Dad program, where he met with David, Parent Coach, and shared his inspiring journey.

For 35 years, Adam's life unfolded in an impoverished third-world country. From a young age, he understood the responsibility of providing for his family and shouldering duties that extended beyond his own needs. Raised by a single mother, he learned the valuable lesson of being a productive contributor rather than a mere consumer. Even at the young age of four, he was already entrusted with tasks like sweeping floors, assisting with laundry, and carrying heavy buckets of water from a nearby stream. As he began attending primary school, a privilege he treasured, an insatiable thirst for knowledge took root within him.

Adam became the first member of his family to move to the United States. However, what truly astonished him was the prevalent sense of entitlement, particularly among the younger generations. He observed a concerning lack of gratitude in society, attributed to the familiarity with the abundant freedoms and privileges afforded in the country. In response to this mindset, Adam candidly shared his perspective with the teenagers in his neighborhood, “You are not entitled, what you need is a title. Engineer, plumber, mechanic, teacher, etc.” He firmly believed in the value of laboring diligently in this life.

Mother and father playing with their child

After obtaining his Master's degree, Adam wasted no time enrolling in an online Doctoral program, showcasing his unwavering dedication to personal growth. However, his greatest aspiration lay in embracing his newfound role as a father. During his insightful discussions with David, he came to a crucial realization - the priority of placing God at the forefront, followed by his commitment to marriage, and then their precious children underneath. Adam realized that the most profound lesson he could impart to his children is the love and devotion he has to their mother. He envisioned raising them with the understanding that their family was firmly rooted in Christ, bonded by a covenant of love and commitment to each other. Adam expressed how fortunate he felt to finally be living in a country where he and his wife could openly share their faith with their children, without fear of persecution.

Adam's testimony serves as a powerful reminder for all of us to embrace humility and cultivate a sense of gratitude. It is effortless to overlook the goodness, faithfulness, and grace of our God. Through their journey, Adam and his wife exemplify the vital importance of counting our blessings and living our lives with a grateful heart. Let us join in prayer, asking God to bestow continued blessings upon Adam's growing family.

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