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Transformed by Freedom

Today, as we celebrate the freedom of our country, let us reflect on the immense sacrifices made by countless individuals who paid the price for this cherished liberty. On this Transformation Tuesday, we want to share an inspiring story about a family whose lives were profoundly transformed by the Freedom offered by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lisanna visited our center to collect one of our mom bags. She revealed that along with their newest addition, Kylie Ann, she and her partner, Chris, also had three other children together and they were grappling with unemployment and increasing credit card debt. Lisanna candidly expressed how these burdens were taking a toll on their entire family's well-being. Sensing their genuine need, the site director suggested Lisanna enroll in Life Support, specifically the Baby's First Year lessons.

Determined and faithful, Lisanna actively participated in the Life Support program. These invaluable classes not only guided her through the challenges of caring for an infant, but also equipped her with essential knowledge on how to make sound financial decisions. Through this process, both Chris and Lisanna found new job opportunities, enabling them to make progress in paying off their credit card debt. During this time another obstacle arose in the couple's life, their only car broke down. Recognizing the struggle this played on the couple's ability to go to work and transport their children, Women’s Choice Network paid for the parts needed to repair the vehicle and the cost of the inspection. Additionally, Chris shared his need to fulfill volunteer hours. Our staff was able to connect Chirs to a local pastor, offering him a chance to meet that requirement. Lastly, Lisanna told us during her Life Support sessions that she desired a way to take her new baby on her bike rides. So she is actively working towards a bike trailer, which will allow her the opportunity to take Kylie Ann on every single ride!

However, the most remarkable transformation for this couple goes beyond financial and career improvements. They have broken the cycle of a generational curse that plagued their family. Lisanna openly expressed her desire for a stronger familial connection, revealing that her own upbringing lacked closeness as everyone simply did their own separate things. Determined to break free from that pattern, Chris and Lisanna made a simple yet powerful change in their household—they committed to having three weekly dinners together. At first, it felt unfamiliar, and their children struggled to grasp the importance of dedicated quality time. But now, their entire family eagerly anticipates these shared moments, cherishing the opportunity to bond, communicate, and prioritize one another.

This inspiring story serves as a powerful reminder that Jesus, our Savior, extends this Freedom to each one of us. He holds the key to releasing us from the chains of shame, guilt, and fear. With unwavering compassion, He reaches into the depths of our struggles, offering His hand to guide us out of darkness and into the radiant light of grace.

Parents holding their new born daughter
Chris and Lisanna are all smiles at the Northside clinic as they hold their precious baby girl, Kylie Ann

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