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Transformed by Forgiveness

As devout followers of Jesus Christ, we understand that one of our obligations as Christians is to extend forgiveness towards others. While uttering the word "forgiveness" may seem simple, embodying it through actions often entails a challenging and lengthy journey. This story demonstrates how heavy the burden of resentment and blame can be and the transformation that emerges upon embracing genuine forgiveness.

Expecting her third child with her current partner, Lauren visited our Monroeville center seeking guidance and assistance. Although abortion was not on her mind, the past few years had been riddled with hardships, compelling her to explore avenues for support and aid. She honestly shared her past involvement with another man, the father of her two other children, marked by a severely toxic dynamic. Presently, Lauren has no contact with her children or their father, this prolonged separation of over a year from her children has been terribly difficult. As she envisions the possibility of her current partnership evolving into a marriage, she divulged there is hesitance towards that level of commitment.

Having absorbed every detail that Lauren had shared, the staff recommended her enrollment into the Life Support program, a suggestion she openly embraced. As she embarked on her journey through the courses, it became evident that Lauren carried unresolved emotional trauma, regarding deep-seated childhood resentment directed at her mother and sister. During her participation, Lauren bravely articulated long-held emotions of anger and bitterness that had taken root due to the treatment she endured in her childhood.

Mother and son smiling

Lauren disclosed her mother had departed from this world a few years ago, leaving her with the pain and regret of unhealed wounds, as the opportunity for a conversation had been forever lost. The staff offered a gentle reminder that forgiveness is something that takes place in our hearts and is orchestrated by God. While He doesn't impose the act of forgiveness upon us, He extends his assistance and provides the love necessary to bestow forgiveness upon others. This is true even if they never utter an apology or are incapable of doing so; the power to choose forgiveness still resides within you. Lauren discovered the courage and inner strength needed to forgive, propelling herself towards a path of healing. She articulated that a profound realization had dawned upon her – by relinquishing the emotions she had been carrying for decades, she was taking steps in freedom.

Ultimately, Lauren’s ability to embrace forgiveness demonstrates the transformative power of faith. She is embarking on a path of healing and we are continuing to pray and provide her assistance. Lauren's story reminds us that forgiveness is not only an act of compassion but an act of faith that liberates the spirit and paves the way for a brighter future.

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