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Transformed by Faithfulness

Jesus, renowned for his use of parables, employed them to aid his followers in comprehending the teachings of the Bible. Among the numerous parables highlighted in scripture, the account of the Prodigal Son stands out as one of the most familiar. This narrative serves as a powerful illustration of the unwavering love and faithfulness exhibited by our Heavenly Father, while also emphasizing the importance for believers to express love towards their fellow human beings.

Alacia's visit to our Monroeville center for an STI appointment was an impromptu decision rather than a planned one. During her meeting with Mary, a Client Advocate, she disclosed that she had recently relocated to Pittsburgh due to being kicked out by her mother, who had also filed a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) against her. Since her move, Alacia had struggled to establish any meaningful connections and felt a profound sense of loneliness. Mary decided to inquire about Alacia's faith and her relationship with Jesus. Alacia swiftly responded, stating, "No, I'm fine. That's not something I'm interested in." Nevertheless, Mary offered her support and urged Alacia to consider joining our Life Support: Healthy Relationship program. After some encouragement, Alacia agreed to participate.

During her initial Life Support session, the discussion, guided by thought-provoking points from the book Unraveled Roots, stirred up a multitude of suppressed emotions within Alacia. She expressed to Mary her deep desire for a fresh start, a new beginning. In response, Mary shared the comforting message that God extends the opportunity for everyone to experience a cleansing and transformative renewal. Touched by this revelation, Alacia made the heartfelt decision to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

As the sessions progressed, Alacia opened up to Mary about a significant step she had taken—purchasing a Bible, marking the first time she owned one since her time in prison. While immersing herself in its pages, she discovered a profound connection to the parable of the prodigal son. In this narrative, she saw herself as someone who had turned away from God and harbored doubts about His unwavering love and acceptance. And just like the prodigal son, Alicia came to realize God loves all of His children unconditionally and desperately wanted her to come back home.

Woman holding a bible

Inspired by this revelation, Alacia felt compelled to seek out a local church, finally finding a sense of belonging in her new community. She also secured a new apartment, which symbolized a new chapter in her life was about to begin. Instead of dwelling on her past shortcomings and mistakes, Alacia is consciously choosing to view her life through the lens of God's abundant provisions and blessings, embracing a perspective of gratitude and hope.

Although Alacia's journey is ongoing, her story serves as a powerful testament to the immense love that God holds for all His children. It is also a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that can occur when we, as followers of Jesus, exemplify His unconditional love in action. Alacia expressed that her experience at Women's Choice Network has forever changed her life. We kindly request your continued prayers for Alacia as she continues to nurture and strengthen her relationship with the Lord.

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