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September 2022- "Maggie's" Story

We often talk about the power of your prayers knowing how it is ultimately God who will change the hearts of our clients. The power of those prayers was evident this week as He changed three hearts BEFORE they even made it into one of our clinics.

“Maggie” first texted us while looking online for the abortion pill. Our team responded with helpful information. After she stopped replying to our conversation, we followed up with her to see if she was still interested in scheduling. To our surprise, she stated that she decided not to go through with the abortion. Praise God! Maggie and her fiancé came in for an ultrasound. She stated that she “knows they can do it” and that he is “ecstatic”.

“Jennifer” reached out after finding out she was pregnant, stating “(we’re) unsure if we want to keep it”. When we called her to confirm her appointment however, she shared that they decided to carry. Jennifer and her fiancé came in this morning for an ultrasound and are interested in Life Support.

“Brandi” called us back requesting an ultrasound and prenatal vitamins. At her appointment she revealed that she had an abortion scheduled for this past Saturday which she decided not to go through with it, so yesterday she contacted us. (Again, Praise God!!!!) Her ultrasound revealed a viable pregnancy measuring 12 weeks and 1 day. Her 4 y/o daughter was present for the ultrasound and is excited to have another younger sibling.

We know God is able to do infinitely more than we can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Within the last week He did it three times all before our clients even reached our clinic doors. May He continue working on the hearts of our clients, even before we get to meet them! – Staff member Mary Kean

Thank you for your prayers and your financial investment. Little lives are being saved!


Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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