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September 2021 Letter – Christa and Trisha’s Stories

Two wonderful stories came from our Centers last week. I hope you’ll be encouraged at the amazing ways your support touches lives and rescues little ones!

Christa is in high school and lives with friends. She has almost no support from her parents and has taken on the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. This was her main reason for seeking an abortion. “How can I take on one more person?” she said. Many people in her life encouraged her to go forward with an abortion plan. The situation seemed impossible. She came to the Monroeville Center very early in the pregnancy and had an ultrasound.  We encouraged her to return and to bring the father of the baby with her. Like many of the young men we see, his plan was to “support whatever decision she makes.”  But when the both saw the ultrasound, everything changed. They decided to carry the baby and have enrolled in the Life Support ongoing program.  

Another client, Trisha, also faced what seemed like impossible circumstances. Many of our clients come from very complex family situations with a history of abuse, violence, alcohol, and other risky behaviors. Our staff is careful to always ask clients to consider an adoption plan. Trisha’s revealed that she had been adopted and refused to listen or consider this option. Even after the ultrasound Trisha left our Center with a plan to abort her child. But God heard our prayers. Over the next few weeks, something changed in Trisha and surprisingly, it was her adoptive parents who helped her take the next steps toward pregnancy and parenting.  

We thank God for these unborn children and the families we are able to touch just by doing God’s work which he has planned for us to do.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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