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September 2020 Letter — Allie’s Story

Many of you know that this year is Women’s Choice Network’s 35th year in ministry here in Pittsburgh. And for most of those years, I’ve been blessed to be a part of the amazing work God is doing to save lives and transform families. So much has changed over those years. We’ve added sonogram services, added a professional medical staff, and provided STD testing and treatment. The culture and types of clients have changed and we’ve stayed current and responsive to the emerging needs. But there is one thing I’ve consistently heard pregnancy clients say over those years. “I have no choice…I have to get an abortion.” The feeling of hopelessness and desperation has not changed. “I have no choice” is still the initial reaction to an unexpected pregnancy. Sadly, abortion is now more accessible than ever. Because of telemedicine, an abortion clinic is now as close as her cell phone.  And that’s why our centers and our advertising are so vital. Reaching our clients at this critical moment opens her eyes to the choice for life. One of our clients, “Allie,” recently posted a 5 star review on Google. Her comments tell the story:

“Women’s Choice Network has really gone above and beyond and helped me when I couldn’t get help anywhere else. The beginning of April I took a pregnancy test, I thought I was only a couple weeks and honestly i was terrified. Terrified because i had just lost my job/benefits, was getting nothing from unemployment and every place I’ve reached out to for help did not answer, did not respond, or was unable to help. I called the Women’s Choice Network, and at my appointment they confirmed my pregnancy and to my surprise told me I was 16 weeks and 3 days. Since that day I had many challenges but the weekly calls from the staff have changed my life. Through our weekly calls, they provided me multiple resources, constantly making sure we have everything we need, and has even helped me rebuild my relationship with God. They have been there for me throughout all of the hard times the past few months and I can’t thank them enough. I truly appreciate everything Nicole and the Women’s Choice Network have done from the first time I stepped into their very clean, welcoming facility. You can tell how much they care and want to help, and I am forever grateful I found them.” 

When everything looks impossible, when hope is gone, where there seems to be no choice, we’ve been there providing the choice for life. It’s our middle name. Thank you so much for your financial gift. It has made all the difference in “Allie’s” life and the life of her little one.   

Where the choice is Life!

Amy Scheuring

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