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October Letter 2018- "Bobbi's" Story

“I can feel him growing inside me; it’s so sweet and makes me realize how important and precious life is. I wouldn’t have realized that enough to keep him if it weren’t for Women’s Choice Network.” These words, spoken at our Fall Banquet by a beautiful young client named Bobbi, tell only part of the story. of courage against impossible odds. Like so many of our current clients, Bobbi’s journey has been incredibly difficult. She faced impossible odds. Today’s young men and women live culture that rejects the boundaries of marriage and celebrates confusion. They are more vulnerable than ever before.

Our services not only change minds, but transform hearts. For Bobbi to see her songram and choose life over abortion is certainly something to celebrate, but to continue on a path to healthy choices, successful parenting, and spiritual growth takes far more than an ultrasound machine. In every sense, we save two lives: the baby and the mother.

Your support and partnership assure that our clients build vital relationships in our Life Support Programs. During each of the classes in her pre-natal Life Support Track, Bobbi was doing a short devotional with a Bible reading and short prayer. These small steps become habits and draw clients toward the Savior who loves them. Each class helps build meaningful transforming relationships with our team.

Thank you so much for you gift to us. For Bobbi, it was a gift that saved two precious lives.

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life,Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

PS To see Bobbi’s story and other stories from this year’s Banquet, go to

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