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May Letter 2018- Parker’s Story

A client came to one of our Centers for STD testing who had recently moved to Pittsburgh. “Parker” asked some questions about insurance and billing, but when she finally understood that we don’t charge for any of our services, she was so grateful, she started crying! As a student in graduate school, Parker had been surrounded by people constantly complaining about how inaccessible health care is. Our approachable team and free services were proving the opposite! She said that she is a “feminist” and a self described bisexual who also promotes abortion. But in spite all of our differences; we had a great conversation about what it means to value women’s health–all aspects of her health.

We talked through an illustration where we use a glove to show the importance of the many facets of the human experience and she agreed that medical centers should not only consider people’s physical health but their intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual health as well. Although Parker is not a Christian, she allowed me to share how God values women and what it means to be created, loved, and valued by God. Our staff may not have “changed her mind” that day, but we did get a chance to share Biblical truths with this young woman and discuss the decisions that she is making regarding her relationships. When she left, she said that she would like to donate to Women’s Choice Network and will write a positive review on Google.

Our Staff members encounter a lot of difficult discussions with our STD clients, and sometimes it can be very disheartening. But this valuable service helps us reach those who need us most and we are encouraged to know that we certainly are making a difference with some, working to prevent unplanned pregnancy, and ultimately have the opportunity to share truth of the gospel.Thank you so much for your recent gift. Your support enables us to continue to provide our services to young women and men free of charge. This client was so grateful that it brought her to tears!

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life,

Amy Scheuring, Executive DirectorPS. Please save the date for our Fall Fundraising Banquet on October 11!

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