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May 2021 Letter – Krista and Charles’ Story

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing God touch lives and transform entire families.

 Krista and Charles* visited our Center in August of 2020. Like most of the couples we served in 2020, they had lost their jobs, were without insurance, and suspected that they might be pregnant. When the pregnancy test confirmed their fears, they were considering their options.  They called our center because we were open when most clinics and ultrasound offices were closed because of covid. Our wonderful team showed up for work everyday throughout 2020 and provided this young couple with testing, ultrasound, and practical services at no charge.

Our staff helped them navigate next steps so that abortion wasn’t even a consideration. 

Both Krista and Charles began to attend our Life Support classes to learn more about pregnancy and childbirth. When walking with clients through these vital classes, we seek ways to carefully share our faith and look for open doors and open hearts. Krista and Charles were overjoyed to have Christians pray for them and the needs of their family. As they continued to attend classes, they began to see that in order to fully follow Jesus, they needed to get married. We watched week by week as they planned their wedding. They were married in December and the wedding pictures are beautiful—Charles looks like he just won the lottery! 

Their little boy, Charles Jr., was born in April and has a sweet smile like his mom.

2020 brought challenges, hardships and paralyzing isolation to many people. But God was at work to draw young people to our doors. We are now seeing the fruit of those visits that were both virtual and face to face. Little ones like Charles Jr. are bringing smiles to their moms faces and fill their dads with pride. 

Thank you for investing in the lives of young men and women like Krista and Charles. Your partnership makes an eternal impact! 


Amy Scheuring, WCN Executive Director

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