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May 2019 Letter: Alexa and Steve’s Story

Those who promote abortion have shaped a culture in which families will abort for any reason—or no reason at all. Maybe you’ve seen the movie “Unplanned,” the true story of a young woman who leaves her job as the Director of a Planned Parenthood to become one of the pro-life movement’s leading advocates.  The movie’s title, unplanned, describes the pregnancies faced in our local centers. Alexa and Steve have a stable marriage and a comfortable life together. They both have good jobs. But a pregnancy wasn’t part of their immediate plans. And because they felt a baby should be planned, when the test was positive they were strongly considering abortion. They felt it would be more responsible to wait and have a baby later—when they could plan for it.

Our team specializes in communicating the value and sanctity of human life. Our ultrasound program, resources, and staff training uniquely equips us to provide reassurance, support, and a safe place to reconsider the options. We open parents’ eyes to the plans God has for them. Plans for wellbeing, a future, and a hope.

So what became of Alexa and Steve’s plans?  

“We had our baby! He was born in April and we are all doing wonderful. He is a great baby- he has been perfectly healthy. When we visited your office in August, we were so worried that he wouldn’t be healthy, as my pregnancy was unplanned. Your staff was such a great resource for us. Can’t tell you how much we appreciated the help!”

Your gifts and prayers make outcomes like this happen. Thank you so much!

Bringing Pittsburgh to Life,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.  — Jeremiah 29:11

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