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March 2022 Letter — Carly’s Story

When you invest in Women’s Choice Network, transformation happens. 

“Carly” is one of those stories where we witness first hand a change of mind and a change of heart. Carly, like so many of our clients, felt defeated by life. Her family offered little support emotionally or financially. At a critical time in her early life there was no one there to protect her. She suffered abuse from boyfriends and became pregnant with her daughter, now a preschooler. When facing pregnancy a second time, Carly bowed to the pressures from all sides and chose abortion. 

When we met Carly at our North Side Center recently, she was balancing work, seeking housing, and single parenting while studying for a new career. Her past abortion was haunting her but Carly was longing for a new life with a better future. And when this test was positive, Carly felt derailed by a third pregnancy.  

When situations seem impossible, our Staff seeks God’s wisdom and insight. Center Director Kayla shared this: Carly remembered going to a Catholic Church as a child. She seems to hold her beliefs close. Seeing this distant but vital connection, I encouraged her to seek out a church home and explained how a church family can provide her with the support that she needs. I shared how God uses our current circumstances for His good and urged her to seek the Lord during this stressful time.

When I offered to pray for her, she started to cry. She explained that she really is trying to make something of herself and just feels stuck. Although Carly only came in for a pregnancy test, her appointment ended up being two hours long. God had more in store for her! I gave her multiple referrals and encouraged her to get involved in a mentoring program for expectant moms called Embrace Grace. When Carly came back a week later for her ultrasound appointment, she seemed more calm. After seeing the ultrasound she was so excited about her pregnancy. I reminded her about getting involved in a Church and an Embrace Grace program. Since her initial appointment, I have also connected her with ways to help with housing and finances. Carly was very thankful for our services and support during such a stressful time for her.

These stories of life and hope never get old! Thank you for your partnership. You truly are a blessing to moms like Carly!


Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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