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March 2021 Letter – Kalil’s Story

One year ago our lives were suddenly interrupted by a new and mysterious virus. Nearly every part of our day to day lives was impacted. Daily news reports brought more uncertainty as the national attention was focused on a response. Last week, our Women’s Choice Network team took a “look-back” at the yearlong effects of uncertainty on our culture: Fear and anxiety mounted leading to quick solutions and remedies. Isolation led to division which unfolded into a growing hostility and in some places even violence. Walls went up resulting in a “cancel culture” that resists conversation and understanding. This progression from uncertainty to chaos is amazingly similar in the lives of our clients. They enter our doors on a destruction course toward the “remedy” of abortion. Many have their “walls” up and are resistant to reason, dialogue, and connection. 

When we face uncertainty without truth, bad things happen. But those facing uncertainty with truth find confidence, courage, connection, peace, and openness. One staff member called it “a joy filled adventure into the unknown.” Women’s Choice Network reaches women and men facing the uncertainty of unexpected pregnancy. We meet them first with compassion to begin to tear down the walls of isolation. We bring the Truth of God’s Word to provide hope, courage, and calm as we join them in the joy-filled journey toward life!

Kalil’s mom came to us nearly 10 months ago at the height of the pandemic crisis. She was determined to get an abortion and wanted an ultrasound only so that she could know how far along she was. But as our team cared for her, she softened. When viewing the ultrasound, her heart was deeply touched. The truth about her precious baby was revealed. And her beautiful little boy, Kalil, was born at the end of January. 

As Christians, we know that the Truth sets people free. This is why your gift makes an impact. Our doors remain open, we are face to face with clients who hunger for connection and understanding. The truth about God’s plan and His love for every human person opens hearts and minds. Your faithful giving helps brings clarity, purpose, and life to those lost in a culture of confusion. 

Thank you so much.

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