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March 2019 Letter: Edgar’s Story

“You’re reaching abortion vulnerable women with ultrasound,” a friend recently remarked, “So why do you do STD testing and treatment? Isn’t that off mission?” At first, these two services seemed unrelated to my friend. But as our Women’s Choice Network staff engages with young clients who visit for STD testing, we are more convinced than ever that we are “on mission” and the mission becomes even more clear as God brings His purposes and His unconditional love to those in very desperate circumstances.

Edgar was nearly in tears when I met him. After seeing our ad online, Edgar had called for an appointment to see us for STD testing. He was quiet and polite but clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable about his need for a test. As the WCN Staff Nurse gently walked Edgar through the testing process, he opened up. Edgar had recently learned that his girlfriend was pregnant. But a few weeks prior, he had been unfaithful to her with another girl. The result was an STD that he had unknowingly passed along to the mother of his child. His heart was genuinely broken and repentant. And in the midst of his pain, our staff was able to bring comfort, reassurance and vital services. Not only could he and his girlfriend could be treated in our Center, they could also see their Ultrasound and take advantage of our Life Support programs for parents. A very vulnerable pregnancy was now supported by a Network of Life. Edgar is not an unusual client. Many who seek our services have complicated circumstances accompanied by shame and regret. But God makes the impossible seem practical! Forgiveness, reconciliation and healing are available to all.

Thank you for joining us in the mission to reach those most vulnerable and empower them to choose life. Lives are being saved and young people are being transformed when they walk through our doors. These medical services are completely dependent on generous partners like you and we are so grateful for your recent gift! Thank you so much!

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