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June 2022 Letter – "Nora’s" Story

During the first week of May we met with “Nora” who was initially very excited to see a positive pregnancy test. But after going home and talking to the father of the baby (we use FOB for short), she began to change her mind. He said it wasn’t the right time and he would pay for her to have an abortion.

Nora voiced that she was now thinking that abortion was the best option as well.When facing an unexpected pregnancy, the father of the baby is the most influential person in a woman’s decision. Even women who are initially excited about a pregnancy will often shift and sacrifice to make this key person in her life happy.This is why our men’s outreach is so vital. When young men have the same opportunity to view their child’s ultrasound and talk through various options, they can begin to see a way forward.Under the leadership of our Men’s Outreach Director, the FOB becomes a dad. He finds his place in the conversation and can be supported and encouraged to step up to the circumstance he is facing.

When Nora returned for her next visit the father of the baby came with her but both still had mixed feelings. Our ultrasound tech Lexi did the ultrasound and the baby measured to be 8weeks and 5 days. Nora was surprised at what she saw and said the baby looked like a little peanut. She asked for a picture from the ultrasound with the word “peanut” written on it. At the end of the appointment, however, she and her boyfriend were still leaning toward abortion. Nora did agree to let us pray with her. When we called the next week to give Nora the ultrasound report she told us that she and her boyfriend had decided to keep their baby! The ultrasound had made a lasting impression. We are excited to care for this young mom and watch her FOB become a great dad!Thanks so much for saving little lives and transforming families!

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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