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June 2021 Letter- "Jade's" Story

Your partnership creates a network of life that empowers vulnerable young moms and dads every single day. I wish you could meet our clients face to face to see the transformation that happens when lives are touched by our services and staff. 

If you were in our Monroeville Center today, you could meet Israel. His Mom, “Jade” had experienced two abortions in the past. But after a visit to our center seven months ago, Jade chose life! She worked hard to complete our Life Support program and is just so happy to be a Mom. She dearly loves her little Israel!

And you’d meet “Kristen” who was initially seeking an abortion but visited us for a free sonogram. After talking with our team, she decided to carry to term. She recently visited our Oakland Center with her tiny little girl in her arms. Kristen told us, “I was struggling with the decision about keeping the pregnancy… Lexi and a few other people helped me and I wanted to thank her for everything… keeping the pregnancy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My little girl was a healthy 8 pounds, 2 ounces and I named her Hope.” Your support allowed Lexi (sonographer) and our entire team to gather around this young woman and gave her the support she needed to choose life.

I’d love for you to meet “Maya” who came in last Wednesday. She had already called an abortion clinic to schedule an abortion for Friday. Even though she lives with the father of her children, she said she felt so alone and just wanted other working Moms to talk to. She has other children at home and has health concerns as well. We talked with her and performed an ultrasound. She saw a little flicker of the heartbeat and took the ultrasound picture home with her. Staff Nurse Jodi called her the next day to review the ultrasound report and to provide several referrals for help with material things (The Nest) and for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). The following Monday, Maya called to let us know that she did not go to her abortion appointment on Friday and has decided to carry and parent this baby! 

You may never meet these awesome moms and their babies. But your ongoing support has given them strength and courage to choose life and find ongoing support in our Life Support programs. Let’s continue to pray for these young families! 

With great thanks,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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