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July 2021 Letter – Charis’ Story

 “I’m seeing a strong heartbeat. Your little one is 10 weeks along and everything looks great.”

Late in the day on a Saturday we got a phone call from a young woman desperate for help.  “Charis” had started an abortion process using a procedure known as the abortion pill. Like so many women in her situation, Charis swallowed the first set of pills then experienced immediate regret. She walked out of the Planned Parenthood clinic in tears then frantically began to search online for hope. She Googled “can I stop the abortion pill?” and found a hotline number called Abortion Pill Rescue. Within minutes she was connected to Gloria, our WCN Nurse Manager and the rescue of Charis’ little one began. When Lexi, our sonographer, reported that she saw the heartbeat on the screen, Charis cried tears of joy, relief, and hope. Her baby was safe.

Our mission is to reach those most vulnerable to abortion and empower them to choose life. There’s really no one more vulnerable than a tiny pre-born baby who is literally hours away from death. Because of your support, we now offer a safe, simple protocol that intervenes to save these babies slated for death. Their desperate moms are given a second chance and are spared a life time of regret. It’s called Abortion Pill Reversal. 

We see a little life spared from abortion nearly every single day. And the “abortion pill rescue” babies are a very special part of that story.  Thank you for your continued partnership that expands our reach and allows our doors to be open for those most vulnerable. You make the difference for moms like Charis.

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