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July 2019 Letter: Carol & Jamal’s Story

Jamal and his wife, Carol visited our North Side Center last week. After nine years of marriage, they seemed like a happy couple ready to start a family. But when the pregnancy test result was positive, Carol surprising said that she had no interest in having a child and would simply go to an abortion clinic to “get it done.” Jamal just shrugged. The Nurse suggested that they stay and have an ultrasound. “Let’s take a look at what you are making a decision about. It’s free and will give you valuable information as you make your next steps.” 

We often talk about our ultrasound rooms as “Holy Ground.” There is something supernatural that happens when the image of the baby appears on the screen. In a very real sense, we pull back the curtain allowing couples to see that there is another person in the room—a person too small to have a voice but loudly speaking of God’s design, His image, and His plan. The result is transforming. “That’s my baby?” Carol asked, “He’s so cute!” Jamal’s face lit up with a huge smile as he nearly shouted, “We’re parents! I’m so happy!” 

Your gifts make these moments happen every day in our Centers. On average we see over 25 moms change their minds about a pregnancy every month. Our Life Support Programs support their decision over the following two years. We are so grateful to partner with you to reach those most vulnerable and reveal the beauty of a new life. 

Please remember us in your prayers. We are currently seeking to hire additional staff members and making some exciting additions to our programming. Plan to attend our Fall Fundraising Banquet to learn more about ways that your giving has allowed us to expand and become more effective as we serve moms and dads like Jamal and Carol.

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