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January 2023 – “Sydni”‘s Story

What does a “successful” year look like? How do we measure the impact of your giving? At WCN, we track every service, every client visit, every encounter. And at year’s end, it is fairly easy to give you the metrics and the data (and I think you’ll agree that it’s been a successful year). But the stories of transformation and redemption are the true success of our ministry. Changed hearts, changed lives, renewed hope and restored relationships measure eternal outcomes. 

Sydni is one example. She first visited us for an STD test. Staff member Mary handled the appointment and walked through our typical messaging that addresses sexual consequences to the whole person. Sydni stopped when Mary asked about the spiritual part of her life. “I simply don’t have any energy for that,” Sydni barked. “It’s not something that affects me at all.” Mary nodded and asked if she could keep Sydni in her prayers that week. When Sydni returned for her STD results, she asked for Mary. The idea of someone “keeping her in prayer” had impacted her all week long. The two began a conversation that has continued over the months. Sydni now attends church regularly and has made huge changes in her life choices. It’s a tough outcome to measure in our data base, but Sydni has gone from death to life and we’ve seen restoration and healing of some deep wounds.


Because of your support in 2022, we served 1,169 unique clients. 405 had positive pregnancy tests, 433 ultrasounds were provided (some women receive more than one). 321 women chose life for their babies (just over 80%) including two Abortion Pill Reversals, and 110 men and expectant fathers were served through our Men’s Outreach. Our Breathe Post Abortion Care groups impacted many, The Nest Resale store reached our North Side neighborhood in powerful ways. Since opening our doors in 1985, we can document 7,181 little lives that have been saved, but countless others, like Sydni, have been changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love and care of our Client Services staff.

With Great Thanks,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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