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January 2021 Letter – Chloe’s Story

Chloe didn’t think it would be possible but she called the number anyway. 

After finding out she was pregnant, Chloe went to Planned Parenthood where she was immediately “treated” with a medical abortion, known by many as the abortion pill. Less than 24 hours later, Chloe was feeling profound regret. She didn’t sleep at all that night and began looking online for a way out. She googled “Can I stop my abortion process?” and “changed my mind after abortion” and found an 800 number for a national hotline called Abortion Pill Rescue. The website offered an answer and renewed her hope that she could stop the process if she acted quickly. Within the next few minutes, she was connected with a 24 hour service that referred her to Gloria, our Nurse Manager. First thing Monday morning, Chloe was in our office for an ultrasound. She began a simple safe protocol that in 60% of cases can reverse the early effects of the abortion pill. The ultrasound allows us to see if this early intervention made an impact to halt the abortion process. 

“That’s my baby!” Chloe saw her active 10 week old baby on the ultrasound screen and cried as our Nurses showed her the baby’s vigorous heartbeat. This little life was snatched from death’s grip and Chloe was spared a lifetime of regret. 

Our mission is to reach those most vulnerable to abortion. And who could be more vulnerable than a preborn baby in an abortion pill process? Your faithful support has enabled Women’s Choice Network to provide “Abortion Pill Reversal” or APR for women like Chloe. For now, we are the only pregnancy center offering this intervention in Western PA and beyond. Women have driven up to 3 hours to our office with the desperate hope that they can “undo” a huge mistake.  Our team offers not only the medical protocol, but adds prayer, support, and life transforming services that go far beyond “saving a life.” 

Thank you for making life saving moments like this happen every day at Women’s Choice Network!

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