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January 2020 Letter: Taylor’s Story

For Taylor, 2020 is a new year, a new decade, a newly found career, and a new story. When she and Troy walked into the Monroeville Center, they were unprepared for a positive pregnancy test. The ultrasound and our caring staff helped to bring 2020 vision to this unfocused couple. Their lives are now reframed as parents, and the story they are writing includes a future together as a family. 

 As Christians, we share a world view—a way of looking at the world and the people in it from God’s perspective. This world view embraces the Biblical doctrine that every human person, at every stage of development is someone God loves and for whom Christ died. From the moment of conception to life’s final breath, every person has infinite and immeasurable value. We each bear God’s image, we are created for His Glory as eternal beings, and are personally known by an infinite God who loves us unconditionally. This is why each life is so precious. Each person has infinite value.  Every story is His story. 

Women’s Choice Network is committed to protecting the lives of the unborn one day, one life, one story at a time. On average, Women’s Choice Network Centers see a vulnerable woman or couple choose life every single day.  Just like Taylor and Troy, people are transformed, and families are born and supported. 

Each of us has a story that draws us and connects us to this vital work of saving lives. Your story emerges from a lifetime journey of joys and sorrows, doubt and faith, people and family. Your story is unique because you are created by God for a purpose and destiny that only you can fulfill. And God has written your life story to equip you to fulfill that destiny.


Thank you for letting your story change the world for our clients one day, one life, and one story at a time. 

With 2020 focus,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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