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February Letter 2019- Sarah’s Story

Who are the “typical” clients that visit Women’s Choice Network? Perhaps you have some assumptions about who we serve and what their needs might be. But did you know that only about 12% of our clients are teenagers? 40% are between age 20 and 24. 30% range from 25 to 29 years old. Nearly 10% of our clients are men seeking STD testing. And 12% of our clients are happily married. But over 90% of those visiting for a pregnancy test are assessed as “at risk” for abortion. And nearly 50% of those pregnancy test clients are assessed as “abortion determined.”  We are reaching our target audience and successfully empowering them to choose life.

“Sarah” is a happily married young mom in her 30s with 2 kids. She visited us for a pregnancy test and ultrasound that revealed an early pregnancy. Sarah shared that her intent would be abortion because of a very real history with genetic issues. While not a “typical” client, Sarah’s emotions, ambivalence, fear, need for clarity are very much like every other client. Our team shared the wonder and beauty of new life and the assurance that God is in control. We were also able to provide helpful referrals for wise counsel and care. As the appointment drew to a close, Sarah said, “You guys are so informative; more people should come to places like this. When I go to most other appointments, they’re rushing me out the door. But you took time to listen and to talk with me.” At this point, Sarah still needs our prayers for strength and certainty. But she left us with a calm sense of peace. At the door, she stopped again to say, “I honestly wish there were more people in the world like you.

Thank you again for all your help.”

Thank you for helping women like Sarah to find hope, build relationships, and choose life! Your gifts make an enormous difference!

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