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February 2023- A WCN Wedding

I can’t think of a better way to end the year.For many of our clients, abortion is their first reaction to an unplanned pregnancy. When given a list of options, ending the pregnancy is usually at the top. Marriage doesn’t even make it to the list. But your support changes all that.When “Cicely” visited last week, she was completely surprised to learn she was pregnant.

The next surprise was a ring. When coming to see Cicely’s ultrasound, her boyfriend “Gregory” presented a beautiful engagement ring and said, “Let’s do this… and soon!”

But finding a church and a wedding venue the last week of the year isn’t easy. Our Staff persevered and within the week, the bride found a Pastor, and we put together the wedding of Cicely’s dreams right inside our North Side Center. The amazing event was our last appointment on our last day open in 2022. Compete with a beautiful dress, candles, cake, punch, flowers, music, and a cookie table, staff and local vendors helped Cicely and Gregory share their vows with close friends in attendance.

While pinning on the groom’s boutonniere, I was aware of his serious attitude about the ceremony and the impact of this moment. He was nervously excited and a bit overwhelmed. During the ceremony, friends and family were silent and tearful. Many were hearing traditional wedding vows for the first time. It was a solemn and holy moment. And afterwards, the joy spilled into the “reception” room then onto East OhioStreet as the small wedding party danced and celebrated up and down the sidewalk.Marriage is God’s big idea to illustrate unconditional love, covenant relationship, and creativity in procreation. We are so grateful to God for His gifts. And this wedding was definitely God’s gift to this couple, to their child, to their families, and to our community. We’re praying for many more weddings in 2023!

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