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December 2021 Letter – Sherri’s Story

Our annual Christmas parties provide more than just cookies and toys. 

Each year, we invite current clients and “alumni” to a special Christmas party for their families. Treats, music, a mountain of toys, and tastefully overdone decorations are only the backdrop for some of the most meaningful encounters we have with our clients. Many have made this event part of their Christmas tradition. “It’s the only Christmas party our family is invited to,” one client told me last year, “Thank you so much for inviting me again.” 

While calling past clients on the invitation list, our staff asks about any current challenges or needs. One story stood out last week.  Center Director Abby simply asked, “What would your children like for Christmas this year?” And former client Sherri* poured out her heart. Late the night before, Sherri and her preschooler left their home when Sherri’s husband became violent and abusive. His battle with a history of drug abuse had intensified and she knew she had to escape. With only the clothes on their backs, Sherri and her little girl stayed with a friend. It was nearly four years earlier that Sherri and her boyfriend walked into our Center. She chose life for her unborn child, who is now three years old, and is facing an uncertain future once again. Because of generous partners like you, our commitment to our client families continues long beyond the pregnancy. We were able to get Sherri some emergency food, winter coats, and clothing. Our men’s ministry is reaching out to her husband to get him support and help. We are gathering gifts, decorations, and clothing so that her family has a warm, safe and truly merry Christmas.

Sherri’s story is only one of many. In big and small ways, our December Christmas parties demonstrate to young moms and dads the love of a Savior born to give light and life. We share the true meaning of Christmas with dozens of families, give away hundreds of new toys, and open up new ways to serve clients and their growing children. Your recent gift has helped to make that possible. 

Thanks for being part of a Christmas celebration that saves little lives and cares for those most vulnerable! 

Very Merry,

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

*Name and details were adjusted to protect this client.

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