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April 2019 Letter: Sondra’s Story

“How can I be sure this never happens again?” was her question. It was late December when Sondra first visited us. Her fear of an unplanned pregnancy evaporated when the test was negative. But Sondra knew that she had to make a change. Far from God and experimenting with casual relationships, Sondra had become completely vulnerable to risks including STD and abortion. Our Life Support “Track 3” was created for those, like Sondra, who are ready to have a conversation about their dreams, their goals, their relationships, and their future.  Over the next three months, Sondra visited weekly for the series of Healthy Relationships sessions.

Life transforming impact—that’s the best way to describe Sondra’s journey. As she walked through the sessions with our wonderful staff, Sondra looked at herself in a new way. She was more careful about boundaries, more selective about her behavior, and more open to return to her Christian roots. Classes dealing with true intimacy, the nature of relationships, and how to build a lasting marriage were building a strong foundation and preparing Sondra for future success and healthier relationships. She even brought friends along the way and insisted that, Jed, the new man in her life, go through the sessions.  Upon “graduation” from Track 3, Sondra told us that the most helpful topics for her were the conversations about trust, red flags, infatuation, and marriage vs. cohabitation. She promised to be back to visit and said how much she appreciated our care and resources.

True life transformation takes time and patience. But it amazes us to see God’s hand moving in the lives of our clients. Many, like Sondra, come so far in just a few months. Because of you we can be here for them. Because of your generous gifts, we see lives saved and lives transformed.

Thank you for your recent gift and for your ongoing partnership.

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