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Network of Life

Making Pittsburgh
a Sanctuary City for Life!

How We Are Building a Network of Life

Three Pregnancy Medical Clinics

Women's Choice Network

Oakland | Monroeville | Northside

Since 1985, our Centers have provided free life-affirming pregnancy services to thousands of women and young families in and around the Pittsburgh area. In 2009, our pregnancy medical clinics re-organized and will continue to serve our clients as Women's Choice Network. 

Our Free
Signature Programs

Our signature services reflect our unwavering dedication to our clients, assuring them that we stand by their side every step of the way. Committed to offering evidence-based information, cost-free services, and practical support, we strive to empower women and families with the resources they need.

Engaging with our Community 

Saving Lives and Transforming Families 

Powerful testimonies that inspire change and support in our communities


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