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Transformed by Life

Throughout our lives, we encounter moments that make us reflect, "I can't fathom my life before this..." For numerous women, this sentiment encapsulates the instant they step into motherhood. The birth of their child heralds a profound and lasting transformation. Suddenly, life, time, and priorities undergo a drastic shift, redirecting focus from oneself to the precious and innocent life recently welcomed into the world.

Devin arrived at the Monroeville center with suspicion that she was pregnant. Sandy, one of our ultrasound technicians, suspected that she was 4 weeks pregnant according to her last Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Overwhelmed, Devin shared her concerns that surrounded this pregnancy. She revealed that she was worried about the identity of the baby’s father, fearful that it was one man in particular. Devin also had doubts about how she would financially support herself and this baby. These daunting obstacles made abortion seem like the best option. Sandy listened to all of her fears and worries but encouraged her to take some time to carefully consider her decision. Devin returned for another ultrasound when she was 7 weeks along, it was then discovered that the baby was measuring at 9 weeks. This visit made reality sink a little deeper- she was going to be a mother. With this realization she decided to choose life and was determined to be the best mom she could for her baby.

Mother holding her son
Devin proudly holds her son, Houston, at the Monroeville center where she made the decision to choose life

Although Devin had already made the courageous decision to keep her baby, her worries about finances and the baby's father continued to weigh heavily on her. In search of assistance, WCN reached out to the non-profit organization, Let Them Live, to inquire about available resources for Devin. Recognizing the importance of supporting mothers in need, Let Them Live generously agreed to cover Devin's rent for a period of six months, aiming to alleviate some of the financial stressors she was grappling with.

Several months later, Devin welcomed a healthy baby boy whom she named Houston. He quickly became the beacon of light in her life, filling her days with purpose, joy, and love. When she returned to the center with her son, Devin expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the staff, confessing that she had never imagined receiving such tremendous help and support. Overwhelmed with emotion, she exclaimed, "I cannot fathom that I once considered not having him; he is, without a doubt, the most precious and fulfilling part of my life."

The responsibility of caring for the life God had entrusted to her profoundly transformed Devin. Through Houston, she discovered her own strength and capabilities. This inspiring journey is precisely why we are passionately advocating to make Pittsburgh a Sanctuary City for Life, and why your support is crucial. Generous donations enable us to extend much-needed assistance and care to women like Devin, demonstrating to them that they do not walk alone. Please pray for Devin, she decided to pursue DNA testing to confirm the paternity of her son. The results have confirmed her suspicions about the baby's father. Currently, Devin is in a custody battle for her son.

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