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Fact Check Friday- “Can a Fake News Site Save Babies?"

This weeks claim...

A fact news site can't save babies

Turns out, it can.

If you are a subscriber to the Babylon Bee, you know the answer is yes. But if you’ve never scrolled through the “Fake News You Can Trust” website, you may not know that satire is changing the way people look at issues like abortion. Fake headlines and satire can actually save babies.

Let's Take a Look

Oftentimes, the best way to connect with people is through humor. Whether you’re trying to sell something, prove a point, lighten up a serious situation, or even just be friendly, nothing endears you to somebody else like making them laugh. This is the strategy of The Babylon Bee. Truth revealed through humor.


The CEO of The Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon, was interviewed on Cornerstone Television this week and talked about the influence of his company, the purpose and method of satire, and why it’s important to tell the truth about abortion. Also recently interviewed by Joe Rogan, Seth Dillon knows how to handle the myths about abortion and how to “fact check” the interviewer. His no-compromise answers left the well known host speechless.

In another interview for Relevant Radio, Dillon summarized the Bee's mission statement as “Ridiculing bad ideas.” Well said.

“It’s funny," Dillon says, "I often quote G.K. Chesterton, who said in 1911 that the world has become too absurd to be satirized. That was over a hundred years ago, and I can’t even imagine what he would say if he stepped into today’s world where ‘math is racist’ and ‘men can become pregnant’.”

Dillon explained his belief that hardwired into the human heart are both the desire for humor but also the desire for truth, beauty, and goodness. The more that you deprive somebody from the things that they are designed to desire, the more that they crave it. Bringing joy and some level of information to its audience through satire is The Bee’s unique way of delivering on these desires.

“We basically take whatever’s going on in the world – or the Church – and we satirize it; we caricature it to kind of draw out the absurdities of what’s happening, and draw attention to double standards, hypocritical behavior, and things that we need to examine and take another look at. Satire usually has that moral lens that it puts on to expose folly for what it is, in the hopes that we engage in a little bit less of it.”

By satirizing the extreme views of the the pro abortion advocates, people see the truth: that every human life is created in God's image and is infinitely valuable from the moment of conception.

A couple of the Bee's posts are below.

But How Does This Save Lives?

On June 27, Seth Dillon will be the featured speaker at the Vision For Life Fundraising Dinner in Cranberry Township. Vision For Life awards grants to pregnancy centers like ours to help pay the high cost of advertising. The financial grants allow us to reach more women who are considering abortion. When those women search for abortion online, they find us and learn about their options. 80% of those women choose life instead of abortion.

We rely on Vision For Life because advertising saves little lives. The Babylon Bee joins this effort by sharing their unique approach to reaching hearts and minds.

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