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November 2021 Letter – Sydni’s Story

In the book of Hebrews, hope is defined as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Every time we visit with a client who is considering abortion, we have hope. We are faithful to speak the truth in love, to carefully counsel, and provide an ultrasound.  When we have done all we can do in the appointment, we pray and we hope for things not seen. It is sometimes much later, during our follow up, that we learn the outcome of our work. 

Last month, a client named Sydni came in for a pregnancy test. She had known her boyfriend for about a year but their relationship was complicated by distance and culture. This young father lived hours away and was growing more and more emotionally remote. He was also from a very different cultural background. None of these differences seemed important at first but when Sydni’s pregnancy test was positive; their opposing views on marriage and commitment became a huge concern. Because of these red flags about their future together, Sydni decided that she did not want to have his baby. We talked through options, staff member Jodi listened to her concerns and also learned that she had a very supportive family system around her. Sydni’s first ultrasound showed a very early pregnancy, barely 6 weeks along. When she canceled her repeat ultrasound appointment it seemed clear that she had gone through with her original decision to abort.

Follow up is so important no matter what our client’s original intent may be.  We plant seeds of truth but the follow up allows us to see the fruit. After a number of attempts to reach her, Jodi was thrilled and surprised to find out that Sydni had decided not to abort her baby. She told Jodi, “My entire visit with you was very enlightening and helpful. I’m going to have this baby and I know I’ll be a good parent.”’

Your support makes it possible for us to reach women like Sydni. You allow us to faithfully invest, plant seeds and hold on to the conviction of things not seen. 

Thank you for giving hope!

Amy Scheuring

Executive Director, Women’s Choice Network

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