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November 2022 Letter – “Shania”‘s Story

“I’ve just made up my mind. I’m keeping my baby.” 

The Nest, our children’s resale boutique, certainly makes an impact. For this mother of four, the impact was life transforming. Our North Side Center sees moms from vary diverse backgrounds. Homeless, affluent, “yinzers” and refugees alike call North Side home. “Shania” lives in a section 8 housing project nearby. Her life has been filled with tragedy and disappointment. She visited our medical clinic for a pregnancy test and the news of this fifth pregnancy was not welcomed easily. She’d had a previous abortion and had resigned herself to suffer another one. But when Center Director Dena walked her next door to The Nest, Shania looked around the beautiful store and her entire countenance changed. “You’ll take care of my older kids too?” She was wide eyed and amazed. 

Pro-life people are often accused of only caring about the baby before it is born. But since 1985, Women’s Choice Network has provided ongoing support programs and material support for the entire family. We care for moms, dads, and the children they carry for years to come. Some of our earliest “babies” are now grown up with children of their own! The Nest is part of that promise to empower, serve, and support families. The Nest is more than a store. It’s a place for connection, a hug, a listening ear, and prayer. And beyond the care for our clients, The Nest is becoming a go-to shopping destination for young moms who love to save money, shop responsibly, and make a purchase that impacts lives. Our overwhelming supply of high-quality donations means there is plenty of inventory for all! 

Shania is now enrolled in our Life Support program. She has many needs that the classes and mentoring program can begin to unpack. Because of your generous support, our Centers and The Nest save little lives and transform families. 

Haven’t visited The Nest? Stop by and see us at 425 East Ohio Street. 

Grateful for you!

Amy Scheuring, Executive Director

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